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Creative Director at Gadfly

Anova Hou is a visual artist, developer, and designer who studied business & computer science at the UBC Sauder School of Business. She views technology and business through the lens of creativity to drive change. Current project(s): CYBERSCAPE, in search of writing, art, visualisations, resources, stories, and forms of action on open source, AI, and related topics.
Contact info & submissions: "anova DOT hou AT gmail DOT com"
Publications: Vogue Italia, NOW CHILD magazine, Adolescent Content, Local Wolves, Lithium Magazine
Clients: Open Source Technology Improvement Fund (OSTIF), The Polygon Gallery, Kurtis Conner Live, JENerationDIY, Decipher Counselling


Technical Director at Gadfly

As the Technical Director at Gadfly AI Sal brings over 10 years of experience in open source and cybersecurity to help organisations secure their technology ecosystems. They specialise in cybersecurity, open source, and AI for sensitive compute, ensuring that emerging technology stacks are robust and resilient against evolving threats. Their career is marked by a proven track record in creating and leading ISO 27001 compliant cultures and implementing security-first standards across various domains. I actively promote and develop triage mechanisms and protocols that enhance the capability of technical teams to manage complex platforms efficiently. Beyond technical acumen, they are an ardent advocate for cybersecurity and DevSecOps solutions. Sal's work includes developing cloud-native machine learning pipelines tailored for sectors such as federal, healthcare, and tech-for-good, where aligning technological roadmaps with strategic goals is crucial for success. Sal is available for hire on contract basis for the above, and for partnerships for creative and open projects through Gadfly.

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Strategy Officer at Gadfly

Sen Hastings is the strategy officer at gadfly, responsible for getting things moved along. They are also the webmaster, head chauffeur and general jack of all _____. They are a FLOSS and Open Hardware enthusiast with far too many pots on the stove.
Current project(s): this website, VidOS, open source crimp hardware.

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