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Community Commitments

Read it. We Mean Every Word.

Our Mission:

Gadfly AI supports equal opportunities for all people accessing open source resources. We believe that open source development is a central component of major infrastructures, as well as the foundation of some of the coolest hobbyist projects. We love open source, and we love what it represents in all ways: the bringing together of ideas, the composition of solutions to real problems, and the celebration of a better world through collaboration. 

We believe in overall diversity and inclusion – not only because it makes for better, more interesting conversations but because it is the right thing to do.

Basic tenets of our community:

We’re disrupting the traditional communication platforms for technical audiences. We are helping organizations find subject matter experts, thought leaders and visionaries. We want to hear new voices and gain new diverse perspectives. 

We support and encourage women and other historically marginalized groups, including people of color, LGBTQ+ people and gender-nonconforming people, to join us, speak up and share their thoughts and perspectives. We welcome allies to our platform.


If you ever have concern reach out to us directly at It is up to us as a community to disrupt any cycles of bias, systemic oppression, and circumstantial oppression. 

Community Standards and Where We Draw the Line
There is a difference between bringing innovative ideas and discussions, and creating an environment of fear, loathing and distrust. There is a difference between public engagement that persuades and educates, and hurtful words that instill fear, panic, or are an incitement to violence.

By the very nature of public, distributed and sometimes anonymous support, there may be times when our topics and community engage in critical discussions of technology and social norms. We expect our community members to be truthful and to make evidence-based statements. They may take part in discussions that could become tense and disruptive.

But we draw the line at combative, abusive, threatening, racist, bigoted, offensive, demeaning and otherwise hateful language. We believe there is a difference between unpopular and offensive views. We will not promote hate groups or individuals whose goal is to further divide, silence or intimidate.

We reject:

  • Material which defames, demeans, abuses, or threatens others.

  • Statements that are bigoted, prejudiced, discriminatory or racially offensive.

  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to act.

  • Those who knowingly lie, use falsehoods, misrepresentations, and other deceptions.

  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene, or indecent language or images.

We expect our community members to:

  • Be respectful.

  • Be inclusive.

  • Be solutions oriented.

  • Be welcoming to all and open to discussion and debate.

We look for equal gender and racial, and geopolitical representation in education, business, politics, and society. We are committed to achieving the full and equal participation of all. We support all kinds of diversity, gender-equitable, gender-nonconforming, and LGBTQ+ inclusive practices. We support public health mandates that protect us all, especially the most vulnerable and those who cannot protect themselves. We support people who have disabilities. 

We believe in science, research, and evidence-based practices. We understand that sometimes more evidence and more research is needed. Our approaches and practices can evolve, and change based on the latest information. 

Any engagement in behavior that we clearly reject in the above statement should be clearly noted, and we reserve the right in our sole discretion to terminate someone’s involvement/connection/membership with Gadfly AI on those grounds.


For a slightly less legal approach: Just have fun and be nice to each other, ok? 

Respect for the Open Source License

All members of our community are expected to respect the licenses associated with any open source projects or resources they use or contribute to. This includes, but is not limited to, adhering to the terms and conditions set out in the licenses, acknowledging and giving credit to the original creators, and ensuring any derivative works are also appropriately licensed.

Individual Intellectual Property Rights

We believe that creators should be recognized and rewarded for their contributions. As such, we encourage all community members to respect the intellectual property rights of others. This includes not only software code, but also documentation, graphics, and any other material that has an credible, often timestamped authorship. 

This Code of Commitment is taken, in it's best moments from the Community Standards of Innovation Women. Their Speaker Friend Fridays are a shiny spot in the digital spacetime continuum that every community builder should check out. 

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