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Cyberscape 1.0: Cyberscape Zine (pdf download available) was released in May 2023 in coordination with the North American Open Source Summit. It was distributed online, at technical talks, and in coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, BC. Cyberscape is a zine and digital art project. The pages of the zine include visual representations, information and online journeys to educate and delight the common citizen as much as an open source developer. There’s a lot of good fun, heart, and a little something to learn along the way. This zine isn't sponsored by any corporation, institution or entity, but we represent anyone who has something valuable to say. It's made by a community of developers who care about the spirit of open source. We want people to know how they can get involved, share their perspectives and raise their voices to create a more inclusive internet for everyone, and focus on fixing what matters. The next Cyberscape Zine will be distributed September 2023 at the EU Open Source Summit in Bilbao Spain.