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GadflyAI is a bit of an internet "pop-up-shop". We run for one month before twice annual physical publication, bringing together top minds on important subjects. These require about 2-3 hours a week during pre-publication months (August/September 2023 and April/May 2024)


The following roles are looking for individuals who care about bringing community together to do things that really matter.

Open Source Relations Manager:

   As an Open Source Relations Manager at GadflyAI, you will be the linchpin connecting our community with the expansive universe of open source. Your role is to foster relationships with other open source communities, champion our projects, and contribute to the creation of a collaborative and inclusive environment. You will have the opportunity to contribute to our Cyberscape Zine, a platform that brings together top minds to discuss important subjects. Your role will be crucial in ensuring that our community stays at the forefront of the open source world, contributing to the future-proofing of our digital infrastructure.

Developer Outreach Coordinator:

As a Developer Outreach Coordinator, your role will be pivotal in reaching out to developers, promoting our community, and inspiring them to participate. You will leverage your communication skills and technical acumen to build relationships and expand our community. Your contributions will be showcased in our Cyberscape Zine, where you will have the chance to bring together developers and thinkers to discuss AI, machine learning, and generative art. Your role will be instrumental in shaping the discourse around these topics and fostering a vibrant community of developers.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate:

As a Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, you will be the torchbearer of our commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive community. You will champion diversity and inclusion initiatives, engage with underrepresented groups, and strive to create a space where everyone feels valued and respected. Your role will be vital in shaping the culture of our community and ensuring that our Cyberscape Zine reflects the diversity of voices in the tech world. Your efforts will contribute to making GadflyAI a beacon of inclusivity in the tech community.

Join us in our mission to explore the intersection of technology and society, and to create a more inclusive internet for everyone.

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