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Welcome to the Free Software Zone

You are entering the free software zone, make no mistake about it this aint' yo parent's open source, It's much stronger, barrel aged even, and distinguishes itself as a moral approach instead of a pragmatic one. But I know what you are thinking, dear hypothetical reader:  "Wait, if free software isn't OSS , and this is an OSS Zine, why ya puttin' chocolate in my peanut butter Miz' $EDITOR?"
Because it tastes delicious. But honestly, even though we aren't quite the same, we wind up working on a lot of the same stuff together. And that makes the world a better place. So buckle up, you might just learn a thing or 2.

And no matter what, remember to FLOSS. 

Here's some really cool stuff from a philosophy that's not going away any time soon:

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