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Sponsor Benefits with Gadfly AI

We welcome sponsorship and partnerships to engage our technical audience around emerging technologies.

Individuals, consultancies, corporations, non-profits, working groups and academic teams are all encouraged to participate. A 30 minute consultation with our team is available if you a serious about seeing if GadflyAI is a good fit for you. 

Community Sponsor:

As a Community Sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured on our community website, newsletters, and at our events. This is a great way to increase your brand's visibility among our community members and show your support for open source development.

Event Sponsor:

As an Event Sponsor, your brand will be highlighted during our webinars, workshops, and other virtual events. This includes mentions during the event, your logo on event materials, and the opportunity to include a short message or advertisement.

We are actively seeking event sponsorship for the September 2023 Global Launch Party of The Open Source Zine 2.0: Voices and visualizations on AI Disruption in the following cities:

1. Bilbao, Spain

2. Vancouver, Canada

3. London, United Kingdom 

Content Sponsor:

As a Content Sponsor, your brand will be featured in our blog posts, tutorials, and other content. This could include sponsored posts written by your brand, or your logo and a short message included in our content.

Technical Project Sponsor:

As a Technical Project Sponsor, your brand will be associated with one of our open source projects or initiatives. This is a great way to show your brand's technical expertise and commitment to open source development.

Each sponsorship level comes with its own set of benefits and opportunities for brand visibility. We're also open to customizing sponsorship packages to meet your brand's specific needs and goals. By becoming a sponsor, you'll not only gain access to a core technical audience, but you'll also be supporting a vibrant and passionate community of developers in emerging tech.

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